A. Craving for Long, Thick and Bouncy Hair? Here’s what you can do at Home as an instant remedy. Eggs are power packed with minerals, B-complex vitamins and proteins. Slather raw eggs onto a bowl and it apply it evenly to your scalp by partitioning each section in small divisions. This hydrates your hair and increases its elasticity. Though egg yolks cause smell it helps in curbing hair breakage and thinning.

Now if this sounds pretty awful and you cannot bear the smell of raw eggs one bit and still want to add shine and nourish your hair, drop us a call for an appointment or feel free to drop in at our beauty care centre. Our experts can deal with your hair problems in no time!

B. Have no time to do a skin care before heading off to a party? Here’s what we have for you as an at-home recipe. Aloe-vera face mask heals acne, dark spots, and is good for a glowing skin. A mixture of aloe vera with a teaspoon of coconut oil and a teaspoon of honey can work instant magic on your facial skin. Aloe vera and turmeric work wonders when mixed together and is believed to be too good for fighting acne but for some, turmeric can be allergic.

We at Callia deal with different facial skin tones in different methods. Drop in to know what is best for your skin.

C. When it comes to daily Skincare Routine, many of them find it troublesome, time consuming, and unaware of the proper methods in which it is done. There is a simple and quick morning routine, a weekly, monthly habit to be followed and TA DA.. Here’s you with a glowing skin that ever before.

Drop in at Callia to get a free advise on skin care routine anytime!